If you would like to complete a recommendation for a potential new member please complete the online recruitment introduction form.

Questions You May Have:

What is a legacy?

A woman whose sister, mother, grandmother or aunt is or was a Sigma Kappa! Being a legacy does not guarantee membership to a sorority. The legacy status may be disclosed on the recruitment application.

What should I talk about during recruitment?

It’s important to be yourself and let the people you meet know your true colors! It’s great to talk about your interests, accomplishments and goals/future plans so the women you talk to get the best understanding of who you are and what you may bring to their sisterhood. Try thinking of a few topics about yourself you might want to bring up in conversation before recruitment starts.

Can upperclassmen go through recruitment? 

Absolutely! Almost 50% of women going through recruitment in past years were upperclassmen (sophomore or higher).

If I missed Formal Recruitment is it too late to join?

No, you still have a chance, go ahead and contact our Continuous Open Bid Chairwoman Samantha Rivera at (714)709-5445.