Chapter Philanthropy

As Sigma Kappa members, we are special in that our philanthropies incorporate five spectra that make up a strong "pulse." Much like a heart, a symbolic presence in our sorority, we strive to keep a strong philanthropic pulse by upholding values of philanthropic initiatives, unrestricted giving, leadership development, sisters in need, and education. Our five philanthropies spell out SIGMA and stand for Sister to Sister Disaster Recovery, Inherit the Earth, Gerontology, Maine Sea Coast Mission, and Alzheimer's Disease. 

Sister to Sister Disaster Relief - Why do we support? We support this outreach program because it looks to assist alumnae as well as current Sigma Kappa members who have found themselves in a state of financial distress following a natural disaster. 

Inherit the Earth - Why do we support? Within Sigma Kappa chapters nationwide, we uphold the importance of maintaining the environment that we live in and try to show this through our actions. Whether it be helping out at the beach clean ups in Huntington, raking leaves and tending to gardens in the street we adopted, or participating in on campus events like Keep Riverside Clean, Sigma Kappas are consistently trying to positively impact the environment. 

Gerontology/ Alzheimer's Research - Why do we support? As one of our major philanthropies, Sigma Kappas look to support those dealing with Alzheimer's and assist in continuing Alzheimer's research through various means of funding. We host events such as Casino Night, all proceeds go directly to the Alzheimer's Association. However, our backing as a sorority goes deeper than solely a monetary value. As many of us have had loved ones suffer with Alzheimer's, we show our physical support annually by attending the Walk to End Alzheimer's honoring those struggling with this difficult disease. 

Maine Sea Coast Mission - Why do we support? This philanthropy looks to support the Mission's Christmas program, emergency relief efforts, and scholarships. While this specific philanthropy is not our main charity, it is the longest supported philanthropic partnership which shows how versatile Sigma Kappa philanthropic service truly is.